Documents required for tendering in kenya

To bid for tenders and contracts in Kenya for financial year 2024, you will need to provide various documents as part of the tendering process. The specific documents required may vary depending on the nature and value of the contract, but some of the most commonly required documents include:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration Certificate.

This document shows that your business is legally registered in Kenya and is authorized to operate.

  1. Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)

This certificate is issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and shows that your business has met its tax obligations.

  1. Business Permits/LicensesĀ 

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to provide relevant permits or licenses to show that you have the necessary authorization to conduct business in Kenya.

  1. Evidence of Experience

You may be required to provide evidence of similar projects that your business has undertaken in the past.

  1. Bank Statement

A bank statement is required to show that your business has the financial capacity to undertake the project.

  1. Bid Bond

A bid bond is a guarantee issued by a bank or an insurance company to show that you are committed to fulfilling the contract if you are awarded the tender.

  1. Company Profile

This document should provide an overview of your business, including its history, core competencies, and relevant experience.

  1. Technical Proposal

This proposal should outline how your business intends to undertake the project, including the methodology, timeline, and resources required.

  1. Financial Proposal

This proposal should outline the cost of undertaking the project, including the price and payment terms.

It's important to note that the exact documents required may vary depending on the specific tender and the procuring entity. Therefore, it's essential to carefully review the tender document and ensure that you meet all the requirements before submitting your bid.


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