If you have completed your Business Registration in Kenya, you have a Certificate of Incorporation/ Business Registration Certificate and CR 12 or CR 13.


Now it’s time to get ready for tendering.


Before you begin tendering, there are things you require to make your tendering process easier and avoid the last-minute rush.


Most companies give a 2 weeks’ duration for the interested parties to prepare. And that is not enough time to prepare your documents and start rushing to get some certificates in order. Therefore, I will talk about the things you need and how you can get them to make your tendering process easy.


Web domain

Most people register companies with Gmail or Yahoo domains, which is okay if you are not tendering. However, if you want to participate in both public and private bidding, you will need a domain. Your domain is the email address you use to communicate with companies, for example, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and you can get updates on your tender notifications there.


A domain is not only important for tendering but also necessary to show the authenticity of your company. Most scam companies are using their Gmail addresses, and you need to separate yourself from them.


You can get hosting from various hosting companies at cheap prices, where you pay yearly or monthly charges, depending on your choice. You can get hosting from Safaricom, their annual charges are around KES1,500, and many other hosting such as KenyaWebExperts, etc.


2. Office Address


When tendering, you will require a physical address and P.O Box address. This does not mean you must have a physical office to tender. You can use a virtual office address, there are so many online that can be purchased cheaply. If you don’t have a post office box, you can purchase the Safaricom Mpost using your phone number, which is quite cheap.


3. Business Permit


Nowadays, almost all companies are asking for business permits. You need to get a business permit from the city council, depending on your location. You can get that online through the eregulations.invest.go.ke. For a single business permit, you will pay KES15,000 annually.


4. Pin and Tax Compliance Certificates

These certificates are a must in the tendering process. You can apply them for free on the KRA portal.


5. AGPO Certificate


This applies to the youth, women, and Persons with Disability (PWD). Most companies will categorize the tenders into 2 parts-Open and AGPO groups.


To bid for AGPO groups, you will need an AGPO certificate. You can apply for AGPO certificates on agpo.go.ke.


6. ETR Machine


When you are tendering, you have the belief that you will win the tender. So, when you win the tender and start supplying items, you will need to create invoices.


The invoices must have an ETR.


Many shops are selling ETR machines, and you can purchase and take them to any KRA offices for approval.




Those are the major things you need before applying for a tender. However, for technical bidding such as construction, you will need other certificates like the NCA certificates. Basically, those are the major things you need to start applying for tenders.

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