How to get started with AGPO registration

By the end of this article, you will learn*

         ·            What is AGPO

         ·            How to register for AGPO

         ·            Benefits of registering for AGPO




1.       What is Agpo

Accessing Government Procurement Opportunities

An enterprise owned by youth, women or persons with disabilities shall be a legal entity that:

                                             ·            Is Registered with the relevant government body;

                                             ·            Has at least seventy percent membership of youth, women or persons with disabilities

                                             ·            The leadership shall be one hundred percent youth, women and persons with disability

2.       How to register for agpo

a)      Register a business enterprise at the Attorney General’s Office in the form of a sole proprietorship business, partnership business, limited company or a co-operative.


b)      If business is a partnership, get a partnership deed from a lawyer, if it is a limited company, get a CR12 from the registrar of business names and for co-operative, provide its constitution and membership.


c)       Acquire a PIN and tax compliance / tax emption certificate from the Kenya Authority Website or Huduma centre near you.


d)      Acquire all required certifications from professional bodies and authorities such as National Construction Authority, Insurance Regulatory Authority, ICPAK, LSK, and National Council for Persons with Disability, NEMA and all other authorized bodies.


e)      Open a bank account for the business and acquire a bank reference form from the bank.


f)       Access the AGPO website here and register make your application or else visit your county Huduma office and register there.


g)      Look for tenders advertised on our website and start applying as directed in the tender documents.


Benefits of registering for AGPO

1.       One will be able to participate in the 30 percent of government tenders that have been set aside for youth, women and persons with disability.

2.       Access to LPO/LSO financing from Youth Fund or a bank

3.       A participant in a tender will be excluded from the requirement to get a bid bond and will instead sign a tender securing declaration form.

4.       Where there is a delay of payments for work performed, a procuring entity may facilitate invoice discounting arrangements with a bank for the purpose of advancing credit to the affected company.



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